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Roasted Bronte Pistachio


Can't find your favourite flavour? Look through our selection or create one with us!

Every day, our team churns fresh gelato with extra care and love for your enjoyment. We are committed to using only natural ingredients in our gelato, carefully picked from local and international sources. 

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Awarded Singapore's Best Gelato in 2019

Trained in Italy, Damien's signature creation - Pear, Ginger and Ginger Flower was awarded the title of "Singapore's Best Gelato" by the Dessert Association Singapore. This unique flavour was inspired by his childhood, where he watched his father use ginger flowers to prepare rojak.


Building on his passion for gelato, DENZY was founded in 2019. With humble origins on Bishan Street 11, DENZY hopes to bring some fun and adventure into the daily hustle and bustle of Singapore.

DENZY can now be found island-wide, serving cups of joy across Singapore. Pop by any of our stores for a taste of quality gelato!


Our Range

single scoop gelato
gelato and waffles
With 9 retail locations in Singapore, you can get our gelato anytime, anywhere.  
gelato pints
gelato and ingredients
Gelato Lab & Wholesale
Gelato in any flavour, and any amount for you. 
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people enjoying gelato on cone
Elevate your special day with our bespoke award-winning gelatos. 
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